To some, it may come as a shock that Garage Doors require regular maintenance to malfunction properly throughout their lifespan. The amount of maintenance your garage door may require depends entirely on your garage door. Inspecting your garage door frequently will help you catch problems before they arise. If you happen to notice a problem with your garage door while inspecting, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIX IT YOURSELF. Garage Door Repair is a very dangerous job. If you don’t have the tools and experience required, you could seriously injur yourself. Garage Doors Repair San Juan Capistrano CA specializes in repairing garage doors. Whether it be a big or small problem, we have the expertise!

What types of Garage Doors are there?

There are several different kinds of garage doors. These range in price depending on your specific taste in decor. Some garage doors swing out or up, and some even slide to the side.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors are as the name suggests – made from wood. These are heavy, and bold garage doors. Wooden garage doors are very durable, and solid. As a garage door made from wood, these solid doors require painting more often than the other types of garage doors. Belt Drive garage door openers are best for wooden garage doors.

Aluminum Garage Door

Aliminum Garage Doors have come a long way in durability. Although there are still inexpensive aluminum garage doors still available, the most common aluminum garage doors are very sturdy. Most are heavy-duty and rust proof.  Heck, some are even dent proof! Aluminum garage doors are light weight and can be effectively used in conjunction with any garage door opener.

Steel Garage Door

Steel garage doors don’t require much maintenance. The steel garage door can rust if scratches aren’t filled in soon enough. Touching up a steel garage door can repair scratches, however, steel doors can dent. This can be leveraged by using sturdier panels, and avoid using high gauge panels. The lower the gauge the better! Fiberglass overlays can come standard on some garage doors, and they don’t rust or dent.